Be Kind. Expect nothing in return.

Every day, do something selfless for someone else that takes under five minutes. The essence of this thing you do should be that it makes a big difference to the person receiving the gift. Usually these favors take the form of an introduction, reference, feedback, or broadcast on social media.

But yeah, do something that’s not for yourself, every single day. Expect nothing in return. Over time, these random acts of kindness will really add up.

I took the above quote from an article published in time magazine on how to be productive, successful and smart. Despite being taken advantage of people from time-to-time, I believe in being kind and generous in the ways I can. While I cannot give into everything people want, I like to help where I can. I have been in tight situations, I have had low points and wish someone just said it is ok to ask for help; even if it’s just retweeting something, listening or making an introduction. So if I can help you in some small way, please feel free to reach out, I will do my very best, and honestly I expect nothing back.