iOS CarPlay UX Fail

Since updating to iOS 9 I am delighted to find new features that have been kept rather quiet. So stumbling upon CarPlay, I was curious to find out what that was. Well things did not go well. Immediately I was alerted with either turning on wifi or using USB. The problem is, I am sitting in a restaurant, no where near my car. So how do I cancel, go back to my settings menu?

CarPlay Fail

I clicked on the wifi option as I have no USB on me, and my phone started searching with wifi for a car (I think). However I could now go back, but it was still searching for a car in the background.

CarPlay Fail

That is a serious UX fail for CarPlay, whatever the hell that is. I would suggest that Apple either give the user the option to continue or cancel as this is going to catch a lot of people out and if you know how much battery power is sucked searching for wifi, this is an obvious fail.

FYI … So what is CarPlay?

According to the google search results…

Apple CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in the car. Just plug in your iPhone and go.

But thats misleading, as according to the page the google results point to…

Available on selective cars, CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use your iPhone in the car.

The key thing to note is that it’s only available in selective cars and by that you probably need a device that accepts this input.