3 device updates I’d like to see from Apple

I’m always hugely impressed by the advances in design from Apple, the latest including the Apple Pencil for the iPad Pro, the iPhone 6s and the new Apple TV, to name a few. But there seem to be a few opportunities missed, and not only in the past year, in the past few years.

Keyboard and Mouse

I love my magic mouse, and the tiny bluetooth keyboard is dead sexy, but both have a monster flaw. They are still powered by batteries. It seems sensible to me to include a Lightning connector to charge these devices. Not only would it save us money on batteries, the frustration of running out of power and the bulkiness of these devices. The mouse and keyboard could slim down and charging would be a breeze.


With the advances in touch technology, I am always disappointed that Apple has not released a touch screen for their iMac, MacBooks and Thunderbolt displays. These are all incredible systems and pack loads of features and power, so supporting a touch screen doesn’t seem too much of stretch given the success of their current mobile touch devices.


I understand cloud technology and I certainly understand that in first world countries wifi and data aren’t costly and in huge abundance, especially to the wealthy who can afford an Apple device, but for the rest of us, using the cloud is not a reliable option. I have uncapped ADSL at home, and I have not been able to upload my iTunes library and downloading is not even an option given how much data costs. Their needs to be larger storage on devices as currently I cannot even keep music on my MacBook if I still want room for my work. If storage on the device is not an option, then better, faster external devices need to be created, so I can keep my iTunes data on an external drive, but stream it as conveniently as if it was running off my device.

I have loads more things they could improve on, but given how awesome their devices are in general, I think this is all I could expect to improve on for now.