IGTV is failing

I noticed this week that the IGTV button is gone from the apps home screen and when you upload a new video, it prompts you to upload to IGTV.

If TikTok is anything to go by, it’s clear that there is a demand for video, but in what format. Seems people’s ability to consume long-form video has diminished. But then what’s happening with YouTube?

I’m not equipped to give answers, possibly just a theory on what I think is happening.

I believe that short-form video content is something people prefer to consume on their mobile devices. Quick, fast and effortlessly, if not mindless consumption. While content viewed on YouTube is sought out.

If YouTube content is sought after, then why would IGTV fail? My theory is that you watch it on your phone and people don’t generally have the same attention span on the smaller device. I don’t think people are watching longer YouTube videos on their mobile devices either.

I was considering ditching YouTube at the end of last year, but given the poor uptake of the IGTV app, monetization etc, it’s not looking like IGTV is the right solution, even though more video is being consumed over mobile every day.

My new strategy will be to make short-form video content for mobile and long-form content for YouTube where someday I will be able to monetize my channel and hopefully earn an income sharing my wisdom.

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