Today is Mandela Day in which we celebrate on  Nelson Mandela’s birthday every year. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share with you the Legocy project which I had a hand in earlier this year.

In support of the Nelson Mandela Foundation, YouTube asked agencies to enter a competition by making a short film as a tribute to Nelson Mandela. The smart folk at Quirk Jozi came up with doing a short Lego stop frame animation to one of Nelson Mandela’s most famous speeches. The hope is to get enough signatures and send a request to Lego to make a Freedom Fighters Lego set. As I have been collecting Lego for a personal project for a while, I was asked to help with the cast, and of course being such a huge Lego fan, I jumped at the opportunity to have a play date with the team at Quirk. In addition I helped build them a responsive one-page site, provided the domain and hosting. They won the competition, and below is the end product.

Please add your name to the list