Make America Safe Again

In 2017 I bought a cap that seemed to get people’s attention, and once they read the copy, they would usually smile and give me a friendly nod. I was skeptical of a post-Obama government under Trump, and to this day I can’t believe he’s actually the US President.

Make America Skate Again

I probably don’t have a say, I was not born there, I cannot vote, I don’t pay taxes, well I have if you take into account city tax etc when I have visited my favorite city in the world. New York has been hit really hard, but then so has the rest of the country. But it seems to be more of an achievement than something to be concerned about by the government and it’s bothering me.

I truly avoid politics, both locally and abroad, and bite my tongue often as I’m simply not a politician. I watched this video earlier, and despite the very ‘Merican accent, I am glad to hear someone vocalise what I suspect the rest of the world feels about their president.

There honestly doesn’t seem to be a real threat to Trump though that will make people come to their senses, they seem caught up in being Republican or Democrat and you’re either one way or the other regardless of who ends up in the white house.

For all sorts of reason I love America, and it pains me to see the country in the state that it’s in. I know I’m not offering much in the way of conclusive wisdom, but I needed to just express that I am concerned as someone who lives in Africa, so maybe the people of the United States should start doing something about their America.

Let me just tell you, it’s not safe, not from Covid-19, it’s radicalism, racism, class, poverty, the environment, capitalism, consumerism, war machine, the president, the government etc. But let’s focus on just this one thing, the Global Pandemic. It’s not a race you want to be the leader of. I care a great deal about the friends I have, the people I admire and aspire to and the country as a whole. Please make America safe again.