The rebellious loner

I’m pretty much a loner, quite comfortable being on my own, and while I don’t, or even like doing everything by myself, I’m more comfortable than most being alone.

This pandemic has forced me to be alone, and I can admit that staying in, by myself can sometimes get a bit much. Now I’ve been out, I go grocery shopping about once a week, very constructively shop and before my anxiety gets out of control, I’m usually home again.

But I find myself wanting to go out, to see people, to not be alone. This contradicts my introverted anti-social tendencies. For those unaware, this in no way means I don’t interact with people, am not charming and able to be around people, I just choose not to. At least not at the same level as most other people.

There’s another side to me though, the rebel. I don’t like being told that I have to stay at home and I can only exercise at certain times and buy certain things. It makes me want to start a rebellion and be all anti-establishment.

But who am I fooling, I don’t actually want to be out there, I’m quite comfortable in my own space with my own company. But I do have empathy for those who need people and social interaction. If not for myself, then for you. I hope this passes soon and you can all get back to your Friday night drinks and attention-seeking. Otherwise, this loner might rebel for you.