Remote should be the norm

This pandemic has changed a lot of things, most obviously for those who can, working from home, remotely. People have embraced working at home, having meetings on zoom and this new way of working appears to be more productive.

While I can certainly understand a lot of this as someone who has worked from home for at least half of my career, it’s not without its challenges. But let’s not focus on that, let’s look at working remotely during and post-pandemic. The latter being something I’d recommend, and these are the reasons why.

  • Productivity is certainly up, so long as people manage the amount of time they’re working and don’t burn out, that’s a huge benefit.
  • It can give us more time in our day.
  • There’s less risk to your well being as you’re not exposed to as much crime, accidents, pandemics, and the likes.
  • Time saved not driving to work, never mind the frustration.
  • If you’re not driving to work, you could get a cheaper car, if not getting rid of it altogether.
  • Working when you want to work, more when you feel productive rather than having to be productive during office hours.
  • Time with your kids, helping them get ready for school, their homework, and actually watching them grow up.
  • Time with your partner.
  • Time to do things at a more convenient time. We have all tried to fit in going to the bank, grocery shopping, school sports, mowing the lawn, etc all on a Saturday morning as it’s the only time we have.
  • Relaxing in the comfort of your own home.
  • Less time and money spent on work clothes and as much grooming.
  • Cooking a healthier diet instead of junk from the canteen.
  • A pet in reach that wouldn’t annoy your colleagues with allergies.
  • Fewer distractions and bureaucracy.
  • Infrastructure cost reduction for your company.
  • The positive effects on the environment.

The list can go on and on. With a decent internet connection, a computer, and hopefully a dedicated space where you can be disciplined enough to do your work, you could be set up and ready to go. OF course not all work can be done this way and yes there are many good reasons to go into an, especially for those people who feed off the energy of others and read the room. There are pros and cons on either side of this, and ultimately you and your company can decide to do what’s best, but post-pandemic, I think it would be something to consider if it is better for you and positively impacts your employer.