Random thoughts during the pandemic

Since the pandemic started to really impact my life, sometime in March, despite how calmly I have tried to navigate my way, I can admit that it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster. It really is hard to make sense of things and even harder to express this without sounding like you’re losing the plot. I have started a lot, but not finished all that much. So people really haven’t heard from me. It’s 4am, I’m wide awake, my head is full of random thoughts, so I thought I’d attempt to share them with you.

  • We have very few facts, this whole pandemic is a mess, filled with conspiracy theories and conflicting information.
  • I don’t want the virus to spread, so feel that the lockdown ended too soon.
  • I fear the economic impact this is having and believe that anyone who is younger than 60 years old, has no previous health issues and needs to go back to work, really should.
  • Remote work should become the new norm, pandemic or not, I think there are a lot of benefits to this (I’ll write a more detailed post).
  • It seems like a lot of businesses are not doing so well if a month or two in, they are already letting staff go.
  • Businesses should probably have a contingency plan/fund in place before they start paying out profit/bonuses.
  • I don’t know about other countries, but South Africa’s unemployment is high and not a problem I realised until now.
  • I try to trust the numbers as my guide, but I am concerned that the numbers are fudged due to dodgy practices within the medical industry.
  • Nurses do a lot of the really hard work while caring for patients and I can only hope they finally get recognised and rewarded for their efforts.
  • I have some gym equipment, but I miss going to the gym.
  • Some solid advice around exactly what supplements we should all be taking would really help, but there are too many opinions and not enough facts out there, I am aware we’re all unique, just wish I knew exactly who to talk to get my exact requirements.
  • I have started cooking more, although I still struggle to cook for myself.
  • I’m alright staying at home, but I don’t like being told that I have to.
  • A secluded self-sufficient farm would be ideal now.
  • I’d like to build more of a community with my friends going forward. I grew up within walking distance to most of my friends and truly miss that now.
  • Creating YouTube videos seems impossible at the moment, but it seems like it’s not just me, a lot of the creators I follow have stopped releasing content.
  • I have not learned a new language, written a book, or baked sour dow bread yet.
  • The Covid-19 swab test looks horribly uncomfortable.
  • The environment seems to be benefitting from the pandemic.
  • I have not filled my car up with petrol since the lockdown began, but my battery has died, so can’t drive my car anyway.
  • As someone who has paid tax, I cannot personally see a lot of benefits.
  • I miss spending time with my son.
  • Ecommerce and online education need prioritising and are huge opportunities.
  • Surprised that I don’t miss coffee nearly as much as I thought I would.
  • I spend more time on Twitter these days than any other social media.
  • TikTok doesn’t appear to be slowing down, think it might really be benefitting.
  • Think there needs to be more social media distancing.
  • I still can’t believe Trump is the President of the United States.
  • Watched UFC 249 over the weekend, it was the first live event with no audience in attendance and I’m not sure how I feel about it.
  • I try not to generalise, especially about people, so I have learned to add the word ‘some’ before making statements that might offend some people.
  • Presidents, CEO’s and celebrities should probably not be allowed to tweet, it should be managed professionally.
  • Covid-19 conspiracies aside, ignoring the financial meltdown, does it seem like we’re closer than ever to World War III?
  • My sleep is a mess.
  • I can hardly take care of myself anymore, yet I constantly feel like I could be doing more to help others.
  • After finally feeling like I’d reached a level of success in my career, I now find myself struggling to find work and this pandemic has done nothing to help the situation.
  • Still confused as to why the Pentagon released a video confirming UFO’s and no one is really talking about it.
  • Inspired by the people who are still trying to stay positive through the pandemic.
  • The crazies are out.
  • Don’t think the world will ever be the same after this, despite how many people seem to want to go back to the way things were.
  • Glad I don’t drink, smoke, or do anything else that has addictive dependencies.
  • Still haven’t started a podcast, but really should.
  • Things are changing all the time.
  • I’m conflicted about billionaires, capitalism and the 1%.
  • I think people are going to have a greater appreciation for eating out after this.
  • Got to get used to uncertainty.
  • Two years ago this time I was in New York & London, two of the last places on earth I’d like to be right now.
  • I think things are going to get worse.
  • I also think we’re in this for the next couple of years.
  • The nice thing about having your own website is that you can’t be demonetised or your content removed like I’m hearing about from some creators.
  • Is it winter yet?
  • It makes me sad thinking about how many people are suffering.
  • There doesn’t seem to be a lot of new TV & movies being released.
  • We need a cure for this virus.
  • In half an hour, I’m allowed to go exercise. I intend on walking to get a coffee.

I could go on endlessly, my head is spinning. Oddly, I’m good, I think …