RIP Boosted Boards

Casey Neistat and his Boosted Board

Today it the owners of Boosted Boards put out this post on the companies blog that they have had to let a bunch of their employees go and the company is for sale as they have suffered financially for the past year and a half due to trade issues between the US & China.

Boosted Board

I have wanted one since I first gave it a try in a sporting store in NYC in 2017. It was pricy and I had heard there were issues with travelling with it on the plane. So ever since then, I check in with the company all the time to find out when they would start shipping to SA. Unfortunately that’s not an option now.


I feel really sad like I want to shed a tear 😢 because I’m going to miss out on owning and getting miles of joy on what was the best electric skateboard on the market.

RIP Boosted Boards