The better part of 2013

Just about every person I talk to had a pretty rough 2013 and they’d just like to put it behind them and are hoping for a better year in 2014. I certainly had a challenging year and I could rant, but I’d rather attempt to highlight the most memorable moments of 2013.

I got out a bit and was lucky enough to see some of my favorite bands and entertainment. In February I watched the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rodriguez. I got covered in colour during the We Are One (Holy One) colour festival and thoroughly enjoyed my first Roller Derby. Drove out to Pretoria to a Lego fair which inspired me to start working on a minifigure installation. I painfully pedaled my way through the Joburg city one night at Critical Mass.

I’d like to remember the people we lost and celebrate their life. From our president Nelson Mandela, to celebrities like Paul Walker and everyone’s favorite gangster James Gandolfini. You were inspirational and you will be missed.


James Gandolfini

This year we used the word selfie more times than we probably should have, and all due to the smashing uptake of Instagram, currently my favorite social network. Coca-Cola’s Share-a-Coke campaign was brilliant and while I’m still waiting to get my hands on a bottle of Coke with my name on it, it’s just been brilliant. Apple announced the release of many new upgrades to their products and I’ve not seen nearly as many people upgrade to iPhone as they have the 5s, I actually do not know how I lived without the fingerprint scanner before.

Craig Coke


I started the year strong, still dropping the weight and very quickly fell ill, but in the hands of the professionals I’m one organ less, but recovering nicely and getting back in shape again. I have gained a significant amount of muscle mass and I’m feeling great. I got a lot of ink, and most importantly started my back piece, which I’m hoping to complete in 2014.

We have watched some of the most amazing TV series this year, everything from Breaking Bad to Walking Dead has people talking and could very well see the revival of live TV. New series such as Ray Donovan, House of Cards, The Blacklist and Mob City have been great additions while we wait for new Game of Thrones and some final seasons of Mad Men and Californication.

Breaking Bad

I’m looking forward to 2014 and hope that it brings us all a whole lot more success, health, happiness and more of the good times.